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Trademark∙Design prosecution
and registration

We provide trademark and design prosecution services to protect the brand value of your trademark, design and logos.

Trademark∙Design Featured Services


We design a precise trademark acquisition strategy to help you manage the brand value from the very beginning of your business.   We analyze the environment in similar fields and provide legal advice on trademark research, brand name selection and selecting designated products under trademark laws.


We provide legal services including trademark filing under Madrid Protocol, the registration of Internet domain name, and the prevention of unfair competition.   We help you to exercise your IP rights effectively in KOREA against unauthorized use.   Our people have extensive experiences in IP-related disputes, enabling us to provide legal services with complex strategies on sending and responding warning letters, preliminary injunction against infringement, infringement litigation, settlement, arbitration as well as preservation infringement evidence.


For design rights, we provide drawings that not only effectively express the point of design, but also comply with actual laws.


We provide trademark monitoring services to detect similar trademark application or the market use of the similar trademark that may devalue your brand value.

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