Patent & Utility Model


새로운 발명에 대한
유용하면서도 강력한
독점적 권리 확보


제품 적용 기술,
잠재적 활용 기술에 대한
특허 뿐 아니라 시장 점유율을
높일 수 있는 특허 확보

Patent and utility model prosecution and registration for domestic and foreign clients

We provide patent and utility model prosecution, IPTAB administrative action, infringement action, and IP transaction services for domestic and foreign clients in various technical fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, bio, electronic, telecommunication, computer, and machinery.

Patent∙Utility Model Featured Services


We identify the specialized features of the invention based on the rigorous scientific understanding and fluent communication with clients.


We use patent database system that has the vast amount of literature including patent documents, scientific papers, and late publications, which is also used by Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).   We have excellent experiences in use of IP database system to provide you with thorough prior art search, and we will precisely identify the features of your invention distinguished from prior art.


We provide the high quality specification that describes the essence of the invention with a number of examples that are consistent with the trends of the technical field to which the invention belongs.   We elaborate claims so that your patents will be actually useful after registration.


We actively appeal the patentability of the invention to the KIPO Examiners to increase the chances of patents grant.


We provide responsible post-management services such as annual fee management, license transfer even after registration.


Many of us have been educated abroad and have performed a number of foreign IP prosecution practices.   With our global experiences, we provide international patent filing and searching services.

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