IP Trial & Litigation


정당한 권리 행사 및 방어가
사업의 장애물이 아닌 사업의 동력이 되도록 함


지식재산권 관련 각종 분쟁에 대해
믿음직한 파트너로서 가장 효과적인 법률 서비스 제공

Legal service for IP trial,
litigation and pre-litigation cases

We provide legal advices for patent, utility model, trademark, and design related disputes including IP trial, litigation and pre-litigation cases.

IP Trial∙Litigation Featured Services


We help you enforce your IP rights effectively against unauthorized use in KOREA.   Our people have extensive experiences in IP-related disputes, enabling us to provide legal services with complex strategies on sending and responding warning letters, preliminary injunction against infringement, infringement litigation, settlement, arbitration as well as preservation infringement evidence.


When an allegation of infringement is claimed, we closely analyze the invalidity of related patent rights and accurately understand the technology in practice.   We help to protect the client's business by discriminating the groundless infringement claim, and try to eliminate client's business threats by offering the most reasonable consensus point.


We propose the most effective and creative ways to handle the IP-related disputes with our unrivaled ability to analyze lP practices and in-depth understanding of technology.


We provide the monitoring services to track the IP trend of the field.   We also monitor the competitors' attempt that may threat our client and suggest the most effective countermeasures.

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